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Kinship Partners is a nonprofit youth mentoring organization serving families within Crow Wing county, southern Cass county and Staples/Motley area of Minnesota by providing positive role models to youth in our communities. 


Why is mentoring important?  Our community’s future rests on the hopes and dreams of our children and youth.  Every child deserves a responsible and concerned adult who will provide guidance and support, help set and accomplish goals, and act as a positive role model.   

Taste of the Lakes
November 21st

Match of the Month:   

Kinship Partners is pleased to honor the partnership of Christina Anderson and Jessica Gilbert of Brainerd. Christina and Jessica have been partners for over six years.

Christina said she became an empty nester and decided to fill that gap by mentoring. She has watched Jessica become more confident and a better communicator over the past years.

Their favorite thing to do together is “just hang out”. Christina enjoys the world from a child’s perspective and it keeps her committed to leaving work on time at least one day a week.

Jessica says Christina has helped her learn about clothes and how to ask if she needs help with her schoolwork.

When asked about what they would tell others about mentoring Christina said, “It’s great, do it and watch the impact you have on a child as they change and grow”



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