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Kinship Partners is a nonprofit youth mentoring organization serving families within Crow Wing county, southern Cass county and Staples/Motley area of Minnesota by providing positive role models to youth in our communities. 


Why is mentoring important?  Our community’s future rests on the hopes and dreams of our children and youth.  Every child deserves a responsible and concerned adult who will provide guidance and support, help set and accomplish goals, and act as a positive role model. 

Match of the Month:     

Kinship Partners is pleased to honor the partnership of adult mentor, Temple Jacobson and her partner, Kylie Handt from the Staples/Motley area as this month’s Match of the Month.

Temple and Kylie have been Kinship Partners for over 4 years however, Temple had been a mentor and friend to Kylie even before Kinship came to the Staples/Motley Area.

Kylie likes having Temple as a Kinship partner because it gives her someone to talk to and do fun things with.  She says that Temple helps her to understand things better and because they have known each other for so long it doesn’t take long for the laughs to start.  Some of her favorite times are when they cook and watch movies together.

Temple loves the fact that they have so much fun together with lots of laughs.  She enjoys all the stuff they do together weather its going out to eat and stopping at garage sales or spending time at Temple’s house, the time they spend together is wonderful.  They have been through lots of highs and lows and she hopes they will always keep in touch even after their Kinship Partnership is done.



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