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Kinship Partners is a nonprofit youth mentoring organization serving families within Crow Wing county, southern Cass county and Staples/Motley area of Minnesota by providing positive role models to youth in our communities. 


Why is mentoring important?  Our community’s future rests on the hopes and dreams of our children and youth.  Every child deserves a responsible and concerned adult who will provide guidance and support, help set and accomplish goals, and act as a positive role model. 

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Match of the Month:     

Kinship Partners is pleased to honor Gary Walters and Brandon Johnson as our match of the month. Gary and Brandon have been Kinship Partners for almost four years.

Gary said, “When we were first matched I thought it was something I would do for a kid, but looking back it has been more of what he did for me. Frankly, I look forward to doing stuff or just hanging out with Brandon”. 

They enjoy taking in the newest movies, hanging out at Gary's house and enjoying a meal together. Gary has also coached Brandon’s baseball teams for the past few summers.

Brandon is now just part of the Walters family. Congratulations to both Gary and Brandon and to a lifelong friendship.

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